Finch London


Finch of Finch London approached us to build a WordPress site based on his design for his portfolio site. Starting with the illustration Finch had come up with to frame the site, we used a gallery plugin that we have developed to create bold square previews of the work that led into a neat gallery showcasing each design and build project Finch has done to date.

With the integration of WordPress, Finch is able to add each new work as easily as updating a blog (he has one of those built in too!).



Kyle from production company Dafty approached us to build his site from a design he had already commissioned. The plan was to create a showcase site that would be constantly updated with Dafty content as well as the team’s favourite clips from the web. The result is a bold and full site encouraging interaction as well as interest in the work of Dafty.


Under the bonnet, Dafty have full control of the site and are able to add content continually without altering the structure of the front page, which in turn updates all the preview boxes and individual posts. Have a look and see what you think:

And make sure you catch this spoof they made for Sensodyne starring Kyle and Caddy.

A Little Luxury


Sarah from A Little Luxury wanted to get some branding together ready for the launch of her new beauty therapy business.

We had a look at lots of vintage bottle labels and decided to create the logo with the idea that it could fit well onto a luxury beauty product. We chose a deep bluey-green for the overall branding.



Tamzin and Richard of Greenfinch Grounds came to us with some great ideas of how they wanted to brand their new company.

We chose some crisp greens and a shot of yellow and incorporated them into Tamzin & Richard’s clever observation that a ‘G’ could suggest the wing of the finch they wanted to be their main icon.

Using the literal shape of the greenfinch, we made a smooth drawing that the rounded G sat well with.



The website is an extension of the logo and we continued the colour scheme there, while also incorporating plenty of the photos Tamzin and Richard had collected of their work. Using one as the background image gave the site an instant ‘nature’ feel as well as providing some additional colours.




Amy Lord


London based artist Amy Lord was looking for a new site to showcase her work.

As so much of Amy’s output as an artist is interactive and event-based, the best way for her to catalogue each one is through photography. We chose a simple pinwheel that gives a neat preview but also allows for a full screen preview of each image, giving the viewer more of a flavour of an event.

It was vital that Amy had complete control over the site and was able to add content and pages while still protecting the design she had carefully thought out.

Using WordPress, we were able to create a structure that adds a preview to the home page as well as a new link to the list of works as you view each page.

This means Amy can keep an online archive that not only showcases her art, but also grows and evolves each addition.